Where are they now?

Wondering what Bel Canto Alumni are up to?  Take a look and see!

Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Cox, Ariel Royer & Chelsea Cornwell

alumniWe were able to catch up with Kelly, Ariel, and Chelsea – Bel Canto alumni who have since formed their own music group, Peregrine.

Bel Canto Newsletter: Tell us a little about your group, Peregrine.

Ariel: Ever since our days in Bel Canto, singing has been an enormous part of our friendship. Bel Canto satisfied the craving we had but soon enough it no longer worked for all of our schedules to sing with Bel Canto. That’s when we started singing on our own. We all became interested in American Folk music – potentially because we had experienced so much choral & classical music, so we decided to explore another avenue. And soon we fell in love with earthy harmonies and acoustic instruments. We slowly built up our repertoire. Our main venues, however, were singing at churches, so we began having fun folkifying traditional hymns. Our audience gave us wonderful feedback about our arrangements; but we never had the time to pursue other concert venues and so the idea of being a band was very loose in our head. It all congealed this year when we all got involved with planning a music festival in the Upper Perkiomen Valley, Make Music Upper Perk. It gave us the pressure we needed to practice! Unfortunately we have gone our different directions for the time being but whenever two of us are in one place we catch up through songs. We hope to make some recordings the next time the three of us are all together.

Kelly: I concur with everything that Ariel said about Peregrine and I’ll say that singing together is something that we’ve always done, purely because we love music and love spending time together sharing music. Performing wasn’t necessary the end goal, but when those kinds of opportunities came up, mostly at church functions and open mic nights, it felt natural and fun to perform, probably because of all those years at Bel Canto! Also, our name comes from the Latin word which means Pilgrim, or Wanderer.

Chelsea: Basically what they said. I just like to sing  and perform with my best friends.

Bel Canto Newsletter: What else have you been up to since your Bel Canto days?

Kelly: I graduated from Arcadia University and am currently working as a library assistant, as well as a freelance writer. I’m also busy trying to convince the group to change our name to [The] Peregrines.

Chelsea: I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia as an AmeriCorps member working with after school tutoring and mentorship programs for kids in low income neighborhoods. I am also waiting tables a hip restaurant called fig!

Ariel: I am pursuing my dreams in Amman, Jordan, working for an NGO dealing with the Syrian refugee relief and studying Arabic. You can read about my adventures at sevenhillsofamman.blogspot.com.


Katie Cobbs – In January 2009, Katie auditioned for Singing City Choir and was accepted; she credits the experiences she enjoyed with Bel Canto for her success. 

The LaMont Family – Ryan is a graduate of New York University and is busy auditioning in Manhattan.  Colin is at Reid College in Portland, Oregon majoring in physics. Stephanie & Evan are now juniors in high school and both still sing with their school choir.

Emma Henry (’07) – Emma, a senior at Methacton High School, sings in four school ensembles and continues her passion of classical music. During the summer of 2008, Emma was one of 28 granted a spot in the rigorous summer session presented by the Opera institute of the Washington National Opera. Emma plans to major in vocal performance, secure “decent gigs in opera companies” and then return to work as a choral conductor.

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